June 2015: Make over coming up soon, as soon as i'm done making awesome stuff elsewhere, i update this mofo, super-swear! Pe@ce.

January 2015: No time to update the website this past year. Total make over with ridiculously amazing mind blowing new stuff coming up soon!

October 2013: "Watch whatever you wish" best animation award winning at PromaxBDA Awards 2013 will be showed at The Best of PromaxBda Amsterdam the 31rst Ocotober at De Balie at 18:00. Be sure to be there to enjoy it on the big screen with the awesome music and soundfx (Still in the making) done by Vandertone !

April 2013: With the good work done at CraQue for these smoking cool promotional videos, ChelloCreative received the "Best Animation Award" at the Promax Bda Awards 2013 in Paris.

February 2013: CraQue gets involved to collaborate with Moment Factory (Montreal, Quebec) to develop some "wall-breaking" visuals for the Bon Jovi Tour 2013.

December 2012: CraQue contributes to the 8 Millennium Goals by producing a pretty cool animation for the "Team 2015" of Utrecht.

November 2012: Finally the showreel 2012 is patched up. Stay tuned for upcoming updates.

June 2010: CraQue featured in Stash Dvd (vol.69) for its work on the WORLD Cinema promo.

Not suscribed to Stash, but you wanna know more about this project? No problem, read the full testimonial and insights of this little production published at Cebas.com.

April 2010: CraQue featured on Motionographer for its work on the WORLD Cinema promo.

February 2010: CraQue moves to the Europaplein near the RAI


July 2009: CraQue continues to make animations for the OneShoe and their Surfnet campaign.

April 2009: CraQue Helps ONESIZE with Additional character design and animation for their Offf Festival 2009 open titles movies, check out our little contribution here.

March 2009: Young Blood 3D junior Niels van der Brom joins CraQue.

January 2009: 3D generalist Artist Chris Rudz joins CraQue.

October 2008: Thanks to Tim van der Wiel and Martijn Hogenkamp, CraQue is featured in Stash for its 3D work on a film produced by BuroKnapzak, The Ambient Life

September 2008: CraQue joins strength with OneShoe to produce the Surfnet campaign films.

July 2008: CraQue teams up with Fixate.tv to create idents for Cartoon Network.

June 2008: CraQue moves in its first office space at the Diamant Slijperij in Amsterdam.

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